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Berry Good Results

March 2019

Andy Brownlee is finishing his third season as Production Manager at Florida Pacific Farm(s) in Dover, Florida. Right in the heart of berry country, the farm has 500 acres of strawberries and 50 acres of blueberries. His berries are all Driscoll’s varieties, and he’s had a whopping good season.

Quality Is King

Brownlee, who has a degree in Plant Science from Delaware Valley University, says his focus is on quality, quality, quality. Products he relies on to grow top-notch fruit include Growth Products’ Bloomtastic Starter Plus, Essential Plus, and “TKO” Phosphite:

  • Bloomtastic Starter Plus 8-32-5. Brownlee starts each berry season with a single application of Bloomtastic Starter Plus 8-32-5. With an ideal mix of both extended-release and quick-release nitrogen, Bloomtastic feeds young plants evenly and avoids problematic flush growth. It also has soluble potash, phosphate, and chelated micros which are important for early plant growth and fruit set.

  • Essential Plus 1-0-1. Essential Plus contains potassium humate, 20 natural L-amino acids, enzymes, simple & complex sugars, vitamins, kelp extracts, carbohydrates, hydrolyzed organic proteins, a natural wetting agent and natural biostimulants. As a long-time believer in putting natural ingredients to use in farming, Brownlee is an advocate of Essential Plus. He likes that Essential is a USDA Certified Biobased Product, but what he really likes is that it works, performing just as the literature says it will.

  • Brownlee applies Essential to his berries as a foliar spray or drench four times a season, starting prebloom and continuing until harvest, to improve rooting, aid in nutrient uptake, improve plant health, and increase yield. Brownlee likes the performance of Essential® and notes that it helps plants thrive. Long-term, Essential also enhances soil structure and soil cation exchange capacity.

  • “TKO” Phosphite 0-29-26. “TKO” Phosphite is a clear liquid solution which provides phosphorous and potassium, both of which are critical to plant growth and development. When foliar-applied, “TKO” is absorbed through leaves and stems, where it rapidly translocates throughout the plant and works to reduce plant stress caused by environmental extremes. As with Essential, Brownlee applies TKO Phosphite to his berries as a foliar spray or drip, starting pre-bloom and continuing at 30 day intervals until harvest.

  • Bottom Line Benefits

    Brownlee first heard about TKO when he was talking with a University of Florida researcher about a phytophthora problem in one of his fields. The researcher said TKO was a great product, and when Brownlee saw that it was less expensive than other phosphate fertilizers he started using it, and he hasn’t looked back since. It works better and costs less than its competitor products, and Brownlee likes being able to buy direct from Growth Products rather than through a distributor. He also likes that it is manufactured in nearby in LaBelle, Florida.

    The low cost and resulting cost savings allow Brownlee to make more phosphite applications for the same amount of money, or – alternatively -- to purchase more specialized niche products that he may need for a different issue.

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