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Bolster the Benefits of Fall Aeration with Re-Store and Essential

September 2017

Fall is our favorite time of year – and it’s a great time of the year for golf course superintendents to take a step back, evaluate the summer season, and prepare for next year. There are several Growth Products organic amendments and biologically-based specialty products that can be applied in the fall to prepare your course for optimal play next season, but two of my personal favorites are Re-Store Plus 3-0-2 with 10% Humic Acid and Essential™ Plus 1-0-1

When applied after a fall aeration, these two products allow golf superintendents to settle down for a long winter’s nap, with visions of sweet plums and emerald greens dancing in their heads…

Aeration is necessary for the long-term health of turf. It reduces thatch, improves drainage, relieves soil compaction and encourages root growth on greens, fairways, and other turf. But the process is not painless. It not only stresses out golfers who can’t bear to have the course even temporarily off-limits for play, it stresses out some superintendents as well! But mainly it stresses the turf. Can you imagine being sliced and diced, cored and scattered?

That's where Essential™ and Re-Store™ Plus come in: these rich, fully organic liquids nourish and even pamper stressed playing surfaces so that they will quickly bounce back. And when the turf does bounce back, it roars back with a strong root system, greater disease resistance, an improved playing surface, and a long-lasting green.

Restoring fairways and greens

Re-Store Plus™ 3-0-2 was developed when golf course superintendents asked for a fairways-specific product that would both rejuvenate fairway soils and provide a swift green-up. Because it’s an easy-to-use liquid with phenomenal results – in many cases, visible green-up occurs within 24 hours of the first spray – Re-Store Plus™ became an instant success. It is now widely used not just on fairways but on greens, roughs, sod farm turf, residential and commercial lawns, and sports turf.

Re-Store Plus™ contains 10% Humic acid, 5% L-amino acids (the building blocks of protein), 5% hydrolyzed protein, 3% chelated iron, 1% chelated manganese, wild yeast, and a natural wetting agent derived from the Yucca plant. The humic acid is derived from leonardite, which is the world's richest source of humate.

Those humates, along with the L-amino acids, condition soil by adding organic matter, increasing soil microbial activity, improving a soil’s cation exchange capacity, reducing salt build-up, and alleviating compaction. Re-Store Plus™ also demineralizes high phosphorus soils, which in turn releases previously bound up nutrients for easy plant uptake.

What is more essential than Essential Plus™?

Another key to perfect playing surfaces – and to quick recovery after aeration – is Essential Plus™ 1-0-1 Soil Amendment and Root Stimulator., Essential Plus™ is a highly effective blend of organics, including North Atlantic kelp extracts, natural rooting hormones, vitamins, carbohydrates and key enzymes. It is favored by superintendents throughout the year because it consistently feeds beneficial soil microbes, increases a soil’s nutrient holding capacity, improves plant physiology, creates a more neutral soil pH, and speeds seed germination.

According to studies by Dr. T.L. Senn of Clemson University, 60:1 is the ideal ratio of humic acid to kelp for optimal efficacy, and that is the exact ratio found in Essential Plus™. Essential Plus™ also has a natural “stickiness” that improves its uptake by plants, but which in no way impedes its flow when spayed. (Like other Growth Products’ liquids, it will not clog.) Essential Plus™ complements any nutrition program, and can be tank mixed and sprayed with other technical materials.

Particularly important after the stress of aeration, Essential Plus™ assures a greater seed germination and quicker, deeper rooting. Its wetting agent and natural acids soften the seed coat, and its biostimulant ingredients produce thicker, longer roots with better branching. University trials at Iowa State showed a 50 to 70% improvement in germination with Essential over both phosphorus and IBA products.

The proof is in the playing

Many people say the proof is in the pudding, but golf superintendents know that the proof is in the playing. Howie Gold, turf nutrition specialist with Growth Products, has seen the magic of Essential and Re-Store time after time. As examples, he points to two well-known golf courses on Long Island, both of which have applied Essential and Re-Store after fall aeration for many years with tremendous results every time.

One of the courses is the historic North Hempstead County Club course designed by renowned golf course architect A. W. Tillinghast in 1916. (You can view a hole-by-hole fly-over video of this classic course at here.) The other is the newer, but equally classic, East Hampton Country Club course, designed by Cooke & Crenshaw, which opened in 2000.