Nitro-30 SRN (30-0-0)
Nitro-30 SRN with 85% Slow Release Nitrogen
A High Efficiency Nitrogen Fertilizer for All Agricultural Crops
Nitro-30 Slow Release Nitrogen is a unique specialty fertilizer for sustainable agriculture. Called the Smart Nitrogen™, Nitro-30 provides a highly efficient nitrogen in the form of a proprietary, low-salt methlylene urea nitrogen molecule that is light-years ahead of commodity nitrogen sources. A crystal-clear liquid, Nitro-30 gives you the ability to provide consistent nitrogen supply at critical growth stages. We like to think of it as like high-test fuel for your plants.

Nitro-30's high efficiency gives growers better results in the form of higher yields, larger fruit and/or more brix with less product per acre. Field studies by the German government show that Nitro-30 produced more grapes and grapes of a higher quality even when used at one-half to one-third the rate of ground-applied granular nitrogen fertilizer.

When applied as a foliar spray, Nitro-30 coats the leaf tissue with a clear film. Some of the nitrogen goes to work to immediately green up the leaf tissue, while the nitrogen with the strong methylene bond (CH2) slowly breaks down, creating a residual nitrogen release of up to 4 weeks.

With an ultra-low salt index, Nitro-30 is non-phytotoxic and safe for your crops. And it's safe for your workers, too, with no special handling requirements. Extremely stable and non-corrosive, it has the added extra benefit of mixing compatibility. Nitro-30 also acts as a sticker/spreader to increase the adhesion of other technical materials and nutrients, and can be mixed and sprayed with pesticides to improve their efficacy.
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