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Grow longer, thicker roots with Companion and Essential
Growth Products Provides a Clear Advantage with its Liquid Fertilizers, Micronutrients, natural Organics and Bio-fungicides.
As a golf course professional, you demand superior results on every tee, every green, and every fairway. At Growth Products, we're here to help.

We offer technologically advanced liquid fertilizers, chelated micronutrients, biological fungicides with beneficial microbes, natural liquid organics, our proprietary Smart Nitrogen®, and a chorus of other products to make you and your turf top-flight. Just as important, our agronomic experts provide you with exceptional, personalized customer service to make your job easier and your turf healthier, greener, and always playable.

Our multiple golf course solutions are engineered to quickly get to the root of the every problem. Our organically based liquids work from the bottom up, to improve your soil as well as your turf. We use only the highest grade raw materials and pay the closest attention to every detail. Our liquid fertilizers have the lowest salt indexes in the industry, so you never have to worry about problems such as phytotoxicity, burn, or settling out.

Growth Products' completely fully miscible products can be used through fertigation systems, and can be mixed with other technical materials so that you can spray less often, and save time, labor and fuel. Growth Products' superior formulations offer pin-point delivery of nutrients, and dramatically reduce leaching, volatilization, and other waste.