Water & pH Problems
Environmentally friendly products that correct water and pH problems
Tackle Water Quality and pH Problems Head-On with Environmentally-Friendly Products from an Industry Leader
Growth Products understands your business, and knows the havoc that poor water quality or an unexpected change in pH can cause. To help, we offer a range of non-toxic solutions which put the power in your hands.
  • 0-0-25 Liquid Potassium Solution is a crystal clear concentrate solution that can quickly raise both water pH and soil pH. 0-0-25 contains a safe and reliable source of potassium from potassium carbonate. It has an extremely low phytotoxicity level, does not contain chlorides, and has the lowest salt index of any potassium source. It does not require agitation and will not settle out, and is ideal for any type of fertigation, drip irrigation, or spray equipment. Used as a foliar feed, it is also rapidly corrects potassium deficiencies.
  • pH Reducer is a 100% natural citric acid solution that lowers the pH of soilless media and water, and works as a buffering agent in the mixing tank. pH Reducer is a safe, non-burning alternative to the corrosive acids (such as phosphoric, sulfuric, and hydrochloric acids) which growers often use to lower soil and water pH levels. Why take the health and safety risks of using highly caustic acids, when you can use pH Reducer instead?
  • Essential Plus can effectively reverse problems caused by saline soils, saline well-water, or high-salt "gray water". A 100% natural organic soil amendment, Essential's complex carbon molecules quickly and effectively neutralize sodium ions, so that your plants can flourish.
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