We truly believe that the best customers are knowledgeable ones. With our all-inclusive labeling, product literature, and extensive network of technical and distributor representatives, we aim to provide our customers with the information and solutions necessary to effectively address any growing needs.

When it comes to knowledge about the products you're using, we at Growth Products believe that more is better. That's why we have the most comprehensive product labels in the Green Industry. Our labels always list each and every product ingredient, so you'll never have to worry about unnamed (but extremely harmful) contaminants like chlorides, nitrates, and salts. All products are tested and free of heavy metals. And because we always include a guaranteed analysis on our labels, you can rest assured that you are getting what you are paying for.

With so many factors that are (at the very best) difficult to predict, it becomes extremely important to seize control over the ones you can whenever possible. A case in point is to know exactly what you are feeding your plants. How? By reading fertilizer, micronutrient, and natural organic product labels carefully. That way, you'll have a far better chance of "knowing what you (and your plants) are going to get."

All products are NOT created equally. As the saying goes, "good quality in, good quality out." That's why Growth Products uses only the highest quality (technical) materials, so that you're always guaranteed of products that provide superior results. If you've ever experienced problems like plant burn, leaching, or excessive surge rapid growth, you know that all products are not equal. For instance, fertilizer and micronutrient products with compounds like chlorine (some examples include "Iron Sulfate," "Potassium Chloride," or "Muriate of Potash") or sodium ("Sodium Nitrate") also contain very high percentages of chlorides and salts. Over time, salt and chlorine will build up in the soil. This can lead to toxicity and a slew of other growing problems.

Our grades set the curve
Another piece of critical information is the grade of raw materials used for manufacturing the product. Many products are created from "agricultural grade" chemicals, which are less refined and contain unwanted fillers and contaminants. These build up in and contaminate the soil with continued use. On the other end of the spectrum is the Growth Products line, which is manufactured from only "technical" grade sources. Since the ingredients we use are in their purest available forms, our finished products provide Green Industry pros with superior quality, efficacy, and consistent results.