Salt Index

Understanding Salt And It's Impact on Plant Material

  • Virtually all fertilizers have a salt index (a measure of the salt concentration).
  • Sodium nitrate has a value of 100. Either fertilizers have a value less than or greater than sodium nitrate.
  • The higher the salt index the potential damage to plant increases.

Smart Nitrogen™ From Nitro-30® is the First Step In Avoiding Salts

  • Nitro-30 has the lowest salt index of any nitrogen source.
  • Avoid root and foliar salt burn with low salt fertilizers.
  • Low volume spray is both safe and highly effective with Growth Products Nitro based fertilizers
  • Reduces water usage
  • Less trips for refilling tank saving time and labor

Devastating Effects of Salt

  • High salts burn both roots and foliage
  • Reduces the amount of water available to plant
  • Stunted growth
  • Continues to accumulate
  • Growth becomes water logged and plant becomes more prone to disease

Avoiding Salts

  • Use Growth Products low salt products
  • Organic products which contains Humic acid, L-amino acids absorb sodium ions.
  • Incorporate products that contain high % of organic matter such as Essential Plus into your regular maintenance program.