Evaluation of Fungicides For Control of Dollar Spot on Creeping Bentgrass (Agrostis palustris 'Procup'), 2000
University of Massachusetts
Dr. Gail L. Schumann
Assoc. Professor and Turfgrass Pathologist
Amherst, MA
Objective: Evaluation of fungicides for control of Dollar Spot (Sclerotinia homoecarpa) on creeping bentgrass.
Method: Plots were treated at 14 day intervals beginning in May. Mowing height was 0.25 in. Fungicides were applied with a CO2 backpack sprayer, in water, equivalent to 2 gal / 1000 sq ft at 30 psi. Companion® was applied at a rate of 4 oz in combination with Daconil Ultrex 82.5WG, at the low label rate of 1.82 oz / 1,000 sq ft. Daconil Ultrex was also applied as a stand-alone application at the same 1.82 oz rate.
Results: Dollar spot was observed near end of June. All treatments gave commercially acceptable control of Dollar Spot. The combined treatment of Companion® and Daconil showed a synergistic effect of 50% - 56% additional reduction in disease over the Daconil alone. Overall reduction of disease of the non-treated control was 93% to 99% during the month of August.
Companion® is a registered trademark of Growth Products, Ltd. Daconil Ultrex is registered trademark of Syngenta Professional Products. Spectro® 90 WDG is a registered trademark of NuFarm Limited. Fore® Rainshield® 50 WP is a registered trademark of the Dow Chemical Company.