Liquid Products
Growth Products has been manufacturing and marketing specialty liquid fertilizers for over 25 years. Our philosophy has always been to invest resources and expertise into the development of effective, new, and environmentally safe technologies for the Green Industry. Years of steadfast commitment give us a track record of successful products for the golf, sports turf, lawn care, horticultural, agricultural and arbor care markets. This hard work has led to the birth of "products of integrity," as well as a long list of satisfied customers from coast to coast and internationally. Our products are sold through a growing network of specialty distributors who know and understand their Green Industry market segments.

Slow Release Nitrogen
Growth Products gained fame as the "Liquid Solutions" company with the development of a liquid ureaform, methylene urea polymer, which is a slow release nitrogen known as Smart Nitrogen™. This unique polymer is found in all our liquid fertilizers, including Nitro-30 (our first liquid nitrogen fertilizer), AMMOS™ 22-0-0, Pro-Formance Ultra™, Arbor Care 15-8-4, and many others. This safe, effective, and stable concentrated nitrogen source has been the company's cornerstone product since 1987. To this day, it far surpasses any competitive products and contributes greatly to the environmentally sound approach of the company's product line.

Chelating Process
Growth Products' expertise in liquid technology has resulted in a broad product line which includes not only liquid N-P-K formulas, but also a proprietary group of chelated micronutrients. Our technology includes two methods of chelating all essential micronutrients needed for successful plant production. Ever wonder how the golf greens you see on television get that intense emerald color? More often than not, that color is the result of our liquid iron chelates. No matter which micronutrients you need, Growth Products has you covered. We have 14 solutions that provide the professional grower with either an individual micronutrient or an agronomically sound micronutrient ratio.

Colloidal Mixture
A quantum leap from polymer chemistry into the physics of colloidal blends resulted in the most efficacious group in our product mix. This group includes Essential® Plus, Restore Plus with 10% Humic Acid, and Control De-Thatcher, all of which are colloidal mixtures. (A colloidal mixture is made up of particles just slightly larger than atoms are finely divided and dispersed into rich, thick solution.) Each product also makes use of the new science of L-amino acids for soil enhancement and overall plant health. The basic biochemistry of organic (carbon) compounds has resulted in products that perform physiologically with plant materials and soil biomass, and that chemically modify the soil structure.

Spore Stabilization
Our investment in research on biological alternatives -- in combination with industry insight -- led to the "eureka" development of spore stabilization for beneficial rhizosphere bacteria, and resulted in Growth Products introducing the first liquid biological fungicide on the U.S. market. Gaining EPA registration for the horticultural market in 2001, our Companion® Biological Fungicide is truly cutting edge technology in the area of biotech, and now has expanded EPA labels for all agricultural, horticultural, and turf applications. Companion® stands alone as the only liquid biological fungicide in the Green Industry, and is now also available as a dry granular. Its patented formulation has been tested at leading universities, by states of government, and by the world's largest growers of horticultural plant materials.