"The slow release N is very consistent; I don't have flushes of growth. But, I get the most comments through winter when my properties are green and others are brown or yellow from the cold temperatures. If I get the products before Thanksgiving, I can go the 3 months in cold weather here in Southern California with the plant being strong and with very little color loss from the SRN in your products."
Carl Cliffton, Lawnscapes,
Montclair, CA
"I will not plant a tree without Landscapers Companion. Fantastic on transplant shock! Never lose any of the trees I plant, and I plant some big box trees".
Valley Crest Landscape Maintenance
Dan Mason, Gardenia Cal
"Love Companion for flower beds. I dip the plants in Companion® solution and then plant. I have seen plants last for 6 month in the planting beds. Great on disease and increase amount of flowers. I also use in my tree care programs".
Frank Mattison Landscape
Lancaster California
"The teams that play on the Spartan Stadium Field now are, SJSU Football, Men's and Women's Soccer teams. International & National Soccer teams; Major league Lacrosse. We also have commencement in the field. The Repair Plus has worked great on Divot repair. The S.J. Earthquakes are no longer with us. We had them for over 10 years".
Raul A. Bueno
San Jose, CA
"We noticed fronds turning yellow on palms, after a soil test, we were informed of a lack of Magnesium & Manganese. After the application of 15-2-15 the problem went away and the new palm fronds did not show a deficiency"
Edward Melara
City of Los Angeles
"X-Xtra Iron has been an excellent product in our foliar feeding solution… Excellent color with added iron… for quick green up"
Sean Sweeney
San Francisco Parks and Recreation Department
Golf Course
"I have had great success with Growth Products Foliars and X-Xtra Iron for several years. I believe they are an exceptional value and provide a consistent color and growth response for both my greens and fairways"
Matt Servino, Scarsdale Country Club
Scarsdale, NY
"I have been using the Pro-Formance Ultra in my greens with great results. The Pro-Formance is easy to use and it helps to keep my greens strong, healthy and looking great all season long"
Chad Anderson
The Canyon Club, Armonk, NY
"Essential® Plus helps me to produce more root mass in the early summer months so it is easier to go through the late summer months."
Douglass Shelnutt
Lane Creek Golf Course, Bishop, GA
"I use Micrel Total to mask fairy ring and give more consistent color on old greens."
Brian Daniel, CGCS, Superintendent
Lake Ridge Country Club, Lubbock, TX
"Good, clean - well formulated products, priced well"
John Martin, Superintendent
Contra Costa Country Club, Pleasant Hill, CA
"I have found that the 15-2-15 liquid is a great tool to spoon feed my TifEagle green with 1/8 lb N per 1,000 every 14-21 days."
John Martin, Superintendent
Contra Costa Country Club, Pleasant Hill, CA
"Calcium Chelate does a great job increasing or maintaining Ca levels in the tissue. I tissue test every two weeks - your Calcium Chelate works great... Never have any phyto burn (leaf burn)and it mixes well with other products."
Paul Naldet
The Club At Porto Cima, Lake Ozark, MO
"Good response on greens with color improvements and turf recovery using the Mg, Mn and Ca products... Once again I have seen great results / and pricing is very reasonable!"
Chris Mira
Vista Country Club, Fort Worth TX
"Good results, easy to use, high quality products, not expensive… they work!"
Brett Thornburg, Superintendent
Mill Creek Golf Club, Mebane, NC
"DeThatcher is helping with breakdown of thatch in old greens"
Andy McHugh, Superintendent
Green Meadow Golf Club, Hudson, NH
"Results, excellent response, mix ability, color - aid in deficiencies, consistent quality"
Brian Linehan, Superintendent
Brookmeadow Country Club, Canton, MA
"Predictable, Economical & Mixes Easily! Predictable length of greening, did not surge"
Scott Cybulski, Superintendent
Falmouth Country Club, Falmouth, ME
"I have always been very satisfied, always got the required response."
Dave Gremmels, Owner
Falcon Ridge Golf Club, Cedar Grove, TN
Tree Care & Landscaping
"Very reliable - use it mostly as a part of fall tree & shrub fertilizer … good long term nutrition… consistent results"
Thomas Bunn
Brochamwood Tree Care, Canton, KS
Matt Servino, Scarsdale Country Club
Scarsdale, NY
"Applied every 4-6 weeks on nursery stock. Have seen large growth in caliper."
Jim Wolk
Wolk's Landscaping, Sugarloaf, PA
"I have used Essential Plus in the treatment of several (200) trees that were stunted in comparison to other trees of the same species planted at the same time. The treated trees showed measurable increased growth and vigor than the control."
Lee Bougneit
Caretaker Landscape Management
"…Three little leaf linden, they were the 'builders special' after pulling the mountain of mulch away and using Autumn Care (6-12-12) fertilizer, next year's growth was unbelievable. They work."
Jon, David Brothers Landscape, Worchster, PA
"Easy to use, fool proof… Increased growth, richer color. By increasing growth, didn't have to plant additional ground cover"
Mark Hritz
Beaumont Retirement Services Bryn Mawr, PA
"Customers have been happy with the results... when you see a property with healthy and colorful landscape and plants that looked poor, now look healthy".
Tom Erickson
Atlas Pest Control & Tree Care, San Ramon, CA
Greenhouse & Nursery
"I am satisfied because of the easy mixing and above all the results which your products offer (Essential & Companion). Also, I would much rather use a holistic approach to growing then a chemical one. Keep up the good work!"
CJ McGrath
NGM Productions, Inc, Mt. Dora, FL
"I use these products (Essential Plus and Companion) in every way from an injection system in FL on a Tree Farm to retail sales…it has helped tremendously!!!! I will never stop using."
Charles Wayne Hob
S&H Green Plants, Taylorsville, NC
"Easy to apply, put in the Hozon siphon"
Barbur Greenhouse,
Geneva, NE
"I especially like the ease of using Companion® and feel it is a great product. All of your products are easy to use with fertilizer injectors and sprayers. Extended nitrogen release, growth improvement and protection."
John Ellsworth
Vibrant Perennial Farm, Warren, PA
Barbur Greenhouse,
Geneva, NE
"Substantial results for treated plants, ood growth and color…We have had a great relationship with you and that is why we keep coming back."
Pete Williams
Brooks & Barber Nurseries, Springhouse, PA
"I use Companion on a monthly basis for preventative action against soil borne pathogens (pythium mainly). I believe I have seen good results in keeping a healthier root system."
Eric Toye
Fortistar North Tonawanda, Inc., N. Tonawanda, NY
"Much stronger root systems are developed. Plants treated seem to withstand transplant shock better. Seem to make Rhodies stronger with nice root development and protect plant against root fungi."
David Ketola
D.A.K Nursery, Palmyra, NY
"Easily - injected through drip lines in fields and GH. Good response, consistent"
Donald Crosier
Seminis Vegetable Seeds, Inc., Felda, FL
"Better growth. Better color on trees… With heavy rainfall this summer, this is a nice supplement."
J.C. Tort
Sun City Tree Farm, Rushkin, FL
"Very satisfied - Good results to present."
D & N Nursery
Cape May, NJ
"Easy to use & roots look good."
Ray Husson
Lexington Gardens of North Haven
North Haven, CT
"We have used Companion in poinsettia and bedding plants… It improved root growth and helps maintain good quality plants."
Deborah Shaw
Tagawa Greenhouse, Inc., Brighton, CO
"Liners in Plug Trays: "We conducted a trial and Companion gave us the best results."
Casa Flora, Inc.,
Dallas, TX
"Plants seem to strengthen and look a lot healthier. They seem to perk up quicker after transplanting (with Essential Plus). Roots are fuller and whiter. Plants tend to tolerate heat and drought a little better."
Kyle Martin, Walt Disney World Co.,
Lake Buena Vista, FL
"I use Companion® as a preventative Drench. I am very pleased with the results on my palm roots. I have never seen such aggressive root growth in my palms."
Danny Marron
Tran Trex Foliage, Inc., Plymouth, FL
Q. How are you using Essential Plus?
A. "We're using it as a tool to help initiate rooting and nutrient uptake. Actually, we are trying Companion and Essential for these purposes. Sometimes in larger containers, we have to deal with things like lack of color, and we have to help the plants a little. When we use Essential Plus, something definitely happens we're not sure if it triggers something in the plant, or increases nutrient uptake, or a combination of things. Maybe it is because of all the things that are in there. Whatever it is, something definitely happens."
Marty Keil
Matsuda's , Sacramento, CA
"Regarding "TKO" Phosphite: "It is as good as anything out there at preventing disease, especially effective on phytopthra. It helps the yield on many vegetable crops when used on a regular basis. I sprayed 2 quarts per acre 7-10 days"
Dwayne Lebo
Oak Grove Farms, Mechanicsburg, PA
Q. Why did you first begin using Essential Plus?
A. "Originally, we bought Essential Plus to treat azalea cuttings. We would plant a tray, & then spray the entire thing. We had a GREAT crop of cuttings last year! Even though we are no longer doing azalea cuttings, we will continue to use Essential Plus on some tropical's."
Steve Gatti
Gatti Nursery, Petaluma, CA
Q. How are you using Essential Plus?
A. "Right now, we are using Essential Plus to soak seeds. It has a softening effect of the seed coating. We have been doing this for 6 months now on surlitzia seeds with good results. We are trialing it with some other seeds, but have not seen any real pluses or minuses there."
Emory Carney / Dave (Propagation Manager)
Boething Treeland Farms
"I have been using Growth Products since 2005 and have increased my usage each year. The products have been very consistent and reliable. For greens fertility we are exclusively reliant on Growth Products for liquid applications. With the use of Micro Total, Essential Plus and Companion® there has been a distinct increase in plant resiliency, root structure and what I like to call a healthy green color. It is just comforting to achieve the color golfers want without the addition of an abundance of "N" during the summer months"
Frank Lopes, Turfnology
Watkinsville, GA
"Wanted to let you know how well the Companion is working. We completed a crop of 100,000 Leyland cypress liners in the beginning of May, as you know it was a very wet spring, in June the rains really picked up. In June we left on a 1 month vacation. We heard when we got back that nearly 30 inches of rain had fallen plus the irrigation was running every day!!! This should have been trouble. Algae, fungus and stem rot. Wrong, with only 3 treatments of Companion there was no algae on the soil, liners was never this clean. No fungus or rots. These were the cleanest liners we ever pulled. I treated the liners only in the beginning of each month. I am very impressed!!! Thanks!"
Bradley A. Aucker,
Auckers Nursery
Regarding TKO Phosphite: "It is as good as anything out there at preventing disease, especially effective on phytopthra. It helps the yield on many vegetable crops when used on a regular basis. I sprayed 2 quarts per acre every 7-10 days."
Williston, FL
Oak Grove Farms, Dwayne Lebo
Mechanicsburg, PA
"With attribute 7 times Malaysia Open, 3 time Malaysia Ladies opens, World Amateur Golf team Championship (2002) and voted as a Best Championship Course in Asia in 2005 by Asian Golf. The green consistency and peak performance is always the main issue in our Maintenance program. With un-predictable weather conditions disease attacks are unavoidable in this Tropical Area. Maintaining the green health to suppress the effect of the diseases on our greens is the most important issue of our disease control program. Prevention is be the main issue of the disease control on my program. Combining Mechanical & Biological practice is the main focus of my Maintenance schedule. Companion (Bacillus subtilis GB03), has shown superiority in helping me to suppress the disease effect in my Greens. Even in extreme weather conditions my greens are still standing perfectly and in good condition. For almost 2 years we have been using Companion®, and I worry less about a disease problem and can spend more time on other issues. Beside that we use less fungicide to control the disease problem."
Esa bin Mohd Nor,
Saujana Golf & Country Club, Malaysia
"The weather conditions in Malaysia are very challenging with plenty of overcast days and heavy rainfall during the rainy season. I was initially quite skeptical about the effectiveness of Companion. I didn't think adding soil microbes would be of any benefit BUT after trying out a SINGLE trial application I could actually see a difference with the greens. For lack of a better description, the greens actually looked 'healthier'. After seeing such results from just one application I decided to spray Companion on a regular basis (every 2 weeks combined with Essential Plus) and I have noted a reduction in disease problems. We now spray less fungicide and have been able to deliver greens which are up to the members exacting standards through good and bad weather."
Jack Cheong
The Royal Selangor Golf Club, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
"I have just re-sodded the whole race track here in Singapore. I use Essential® Plus and Companion® to establish new roots on our sprigged zoysia grass that was all grown on sand in our onsite Nursery. I had fast thick rooting and tremendous disease control. I had 2 months to re-grade the track and get the grass rooted and netted in before the race season started. Everything went smoothly. I use Essential® Plus, Companion®, 8-32-5 and Nitro-K as a monthly program. I'm pleased that my course doesn't accumulate thatch as much using the organic program".
Jaya Raya, Singapore Turf Club
"I have been using Growth Products since 2004 when I started at the Waikato stadium, and cricket grounds. My soils were anaerobic, (They smelled bad). The rep from Growth Products visited our field, and then we started to use Companion -Microbe inoculates, Essential Plus -soil enhancer bio-stimulant, Nitro-K with 82% SRN Methylene Urea and a few of the Chelated micronutrients. Within two months my grass was thicker and I really could see the root formation. The smell was gone and the soil smells sweet and healthy now. I apply Growth Products every month and have the strongest turf. The Rugby players can see the difference and feel the thickness of the turf. I can see less wear after games and the color is great. It's made my job so much more pleasing getting the best turf possible for my players and fans".
Karl Johnson
Hamilton City Park, Waikato Stadium
Hamilton New Zealand
"The application of Companion®, promotes a better development of the roots of the plant, and has clearly diminished the mortality of the plant in the first weeks."
Mr. Juan Vásconez, San Sebastian
Cultive: Broccoli (Avenger variety)
"The results of using Pachamama, Nitro 30, Novaplex, and TKO, were immediate and the first look is that the plants have changed in a positive way, especially in their pigmentation, which changed from a pale and yellowish green to a dark and deep green with a visible gloss. The plants also present a development in their main leaves, before they had 4 main leaves per plantation showing weakness and lack of energy for the main leaf to open itself. Now we can see a decrease of these leaves, showing more strength and color to the plant. The production is not determined yet because the time that we apply these products is too short to show results in this aspect. We can say that the changes of the plants when using these products are short, and that the results are easy to appreciate. We are starting our second application according to the established program and we can see the results in a few more months."
African Palm
Company: Rovinjan
Technician: Cml. Rodrigo Yépez
"We apply Essential® Plus (1lt/hectare), and Novaplex (1lt/hectare), and the results have been similar to the palm, in the passion fruit these have been noticed faster, because the vegetation that surrounds it is less severe so it´s easier for the product to penetrate the foliage. We don´t know yet how this will affect the development of the fruit, but it seems that it will have a positive effect."
Passion fruit
Technician: Mr. Rodrigo Yépez
"Applying Novaplex (750 cc/cicle/hectare), SZ Calcio (2lt/cicle/hectare), Nitro 30 (2lt/cicle/hectare), TKO (0.5lt/cicle/hectare) & Pachamama (2.75 kg/cicle/acre), in half an acre, increased production by 39.8%. This is why we will realize another test in 3 hectares more of land."
Company: La Calera
Technician: Ing. Martin Ponce
"The use of Companion® & Essential® Plus takes care of the relationship carbon/nitrogen. It accomplished to maintain a nutritional balance for the Bacillus. The statice plantation was subjected to a treatment of 2 applications every 15 days, the soil achieved a mortality of 0% during the first harvest, and it is achieving to maintain this 0% mortality as times goes by".
Ing. Alfredo Bustillos
Summer Flowers
"In the essay we obtained, strong plants, with beautiful foliage and the vegetal tissue seemed to be strengthened. Calcium absorption turned to be effective because of the chelating agent of the product".
Ing. Alfredo Bustillo, Savisa
Cultive: Gypsophillia Million
Dose: 0.3ccc/liter
"With 4 applications of Cal-Tec at the start of germination of Molucella, we strive to improve the consistence, strength, color of the foliage and the improvement of the root system before of the first seeded in field. It is for all these reasons that Cal-Tec is part of our new protocol of care of plants".
Ing. Alfredo Bustillos , Sociedad Agricola Savisa
Cultive: Molucella
Dose: 0.3 cc/liters
"The products act like an anti- stressing and it helps to the plant tissue. With this effect on the plant, it helps to this variety Highlander to resist to the plague called botrytis".
Ing. Christian Lemus , San Agustin
Cultive: Roses / Variety: Highlander
Dose: 1cc/liter
"The employment of Cal-Tec improves the consistency of the leaf and in the harvest it contributes to a better formation of broccoli heads".
Mr. Juan Vásconez, San Sebastian
Cultive: Broccoli/ Variety Avenger
Dose: 500cc/hectare/ month
International - Japan
Asakura Golf Club
Used products of the Growth Products to succeed to launch the new golf course in Oct., 2008. Continue to use Companion, Essential, Micronutrients (Micrel Total 5-0-0 and others) and Fertilizers(Nitro-30 and others). In this year, they will use products under the Tournament Prep Program for the coming tournament of JGTO (Asakura JGTO Challenge III in Sep.2009)
Superintendent: Mr. Miyuki Yorozu
Location: Chiba prefecture
Website: http://www.asakura-gc.jp/index.html
Tsurumai Country Club
Use Essential, Hydro-max and Green Speed Si to maintain the high putting quality for several JPGA/JGTO local tournaments.
Superintendent: Mr. Nobuo Mikami
Location: Chiba prefecture
Website: http://tsurumai.yardage.jp/index2.php
Tsukuba Tokyu Golf Club
Used products of the Growth Products to succeed to increase root growth and succeed to reduce the summer stress Use Companion, Essential, Micronutrients (Micrel Total 5-0-0 and others) and Fertilizers(Nitro-30 and TKO Phosphite 0-29-26).
Superintendent: Mr. Kenji Nakamura / Mr. Fumio Sonobe
Location: Ibaraki prefecture
Website: http://www.tokyu-golf-resort.com/tsukuba/
Apa Tochigi-no-mori Golf course
Used products of the Growth Products to succeed to increase root growth and succeed to reduce the summer and the winter stress. Use Essential, Hydro-max and Restore Plus to maintain the bacteria activity around the roots during the dry and cold winter season in order to reduce the winter stress(stress from the frost and snowing). (picture right was taken at 7:00am on March 3rd, 2009. Green is difficult to be covered with snow because of the “thermo effect (?)” of the bacteria activities)
Superintendent: Mr. Kenji Nakamura / Mr. Fumio Sonobe
Location: Mitsuaki Inoue
Website: http://www.tochiginomori.com/