Repair Plus
"Grow in Seed Faster, Mend Divots, and Restore Damaged Turf"
Miracle in a box? Growth Products' Repair Plus™ packs a punch when it is time to reseed, top dress, or repair divot damage from a horse's hoof or player's cleats on any type of sports turf.

Combining the best of Growth Products' Companion and Essential Plus products, Repair Plus is a granular that is incorporated into soil or top dressing mixes. Its array of beneficial microbes, biological soil amendments and plant growth -Enhancers quickly work to:
  • Give faster, more abundant, and more uniform seed germination
  • Improve, increase & protect root mass and length
  • Improve CEC of top dressing or sand mixes
  • Encourage desired grasses to fill in quickly
  • Improve soil moisture via a natural wetting agent
  • Improve nutrient uptake and protect turf from stress
Repair Plus is ideal for building or repairing both warm and cool season grasses. It is environmentally friendly and safe for workers. And a little goes a long way: only 1/2 to 1 pound of Repair Plus per 1 cubic yard of top dressing is required for spectacular results.
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