Companion Biological Fungicide
Liquid Biological Fungicide for Greenhouse Use

Companion® Biological Fungicide Receives New EPA Label for Hydroponics, Soiless Mix, Hydro Gardens and Soiless Gardens

Companion® Liquid Biological Fungicide (71065-3), has been granted a new EPA label for use on wide range of food crops, including fruiting vegetables, leafy crops and herbs. The Companion line of products was first introduced to the Horticultural market in 2001. Manufactured by Growth Products, Ltd., Companion effectively prevents, controls and suppresses a broad range of root and foliar diseases such as Rhizoctonia, Pythium, Fusarium, Sclerotinia, Botrytis and Phytophthora.

Companion's GB03 strain of Bacillus subtilis has multiple modes of action in preventing and controlling plant diseases. It produces a broad-spectrum antibiotic (Iturin) that disrupts pathogen cell-wall formation. It is a competitive and fast colonizing rhizobacterium that crowds out pathogens and prevents pathogens' growth and antagonistic effects. University trials have shown that GB03 triggers Induced System Resistance (ISR) in plants, by activating a plant's natural immune system to fight many plant diseases. In addition, Companion strengthens root systems and increases crop yields.

Professional growers and hobbyists can now use this powerful, environmentally friendly tool to battle diseases and to grow healthy, vigorous crops. It can be used in all hydroponics, aeroponics, constant feed, and ebb and flow systems.

Companion is antagonistic to blue-green algae (Cyanobacteria) growth. It will break down root zone debris keeping roots clean and free of disease.

Companion can be applied up to and including the day of harvest.