Companion Biological Fungicide
Liquid Biological Fungicide For Turf & Professional Landscape Use

Companion® Biological Fungicide Q & A
(Contains Bacillus subtilis GB03)

Q. What is Bacillus subtilis?
A. Bacillus subtilis (pronounced "bah-SILL-us SUH-tuh-liss") is a naturally occurring, rod-shaped bacteria found in soils all over the world.

Q. Where does the strain of Bacillus subtilis found in Companion come from?
A. The strain (GB03) of Bacillus subtilis contained in Companion was first discovered in Australia in the 1930s.

Q. How do Bacillus subtilis GB03 survive in the soil?
A. If conditions are unfavorable, the Bacillus subtilis do not die, but rather form spores (go into dormancy). They re-emerge when favorable conditions are re-established.

Q. Under what conditions are Bacillus subtilis most active?
A. Bacillus subtilis are active in temperatures between 45 and 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q. Where do Bacillus subtilis live once they are applied?
A. In the soil, Bacillus subtilis GB03 bacteria establish colonies around the root hairs of the plant.

Q. What do Bacillus subtilis eat?
A. The main food sources for Bacillus subtilis are 1) the sugars being released by the plant roots and 2) carbon from dead root cells.

Q. On which plant materials can Companion be used?
A. Companion can be safely and effectively used on ALL plant materials.

Q. Can Companion be used in high stress situations like heat and drought?
A. Absolutely! In such situations, Companion's microbes begin working immediately, protecting, feeding, and stimulating new root development.

Q. Is it true that Bacillus subtilis improves the root system of the plant?
A. Yes. By cleaning up old and dead roots, the Bacillus subtilis actually function as root "cleaners". They also produce hormones that have been shown to increase root branching, mass, and length.

Q. What other benefits does Bacillus subtilis GB03 provide to the plant?
A. You'll have stronger, healthier plants ("from the root up"). Plants with a healthier root system are better able to take up and use nutrients.

Q. What effects does Bacillus subtilis GB03 have on nutrients in the soil?
A. Bacillus subtilis GB03 produce enzymes that help free up minor elements in the soil, making them available for plant uptake.

Q. What are the environmental benefits of using Companion?
A. Because its ingredients are 100% natural, Companion has no level of phytotoxicity. It also reduces chemical and fertilizer salts, and improves soil quality.

Q. How often should Companion be applied?
A. Under normal conditions, Companion should be applied every 2-4 weeks at a rate of 4 oz./1000 square feet. This keeps a high population of beneficial microbes in the soil, so pathogens are forced to go elsewhere.

Q. Can Companion be applied through irrigation systems?
A. Yes. Companion can be applied without fear of clogging through even the most sensitive irrigation equipment.

Q. Is Companion compatible with other technical materials?
A. Yes. Companion may be tank mixed with almost all other technical materials.

Q. What is the shelf life of Companion?
A. More than two years, thanks to a special patented formula.