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Return on Investment with Essential and Companion Tops the Charts

This month's winning story comes from Kurt Knost, a Territory Representative with Genesis Turfgrass, Inc. Kurt, a 26-year industry veteran, had not worked closely with any of Growth Products liquid organics until this fall. Then a client called, looking for help with his newly propagated cuttings whose downhill slide was threatening to cost his company a loss of more than $50,000.

Kurt brought the problem to one of Growth Products' nutrition specialists, Craig Lambert, who suggested Essential® Plus and Companion® Biological Fungicide for the cuttings.

A bit leery, but willing to give anything a try to save the plants, Kurt's client started using Essential on his azalea, viburnum, Japanese holly (Ilex 'Hoogendorn'), and inkberry (Ilex glabra) cuttings. After only two to three weeks, the cuttings were showing better swelling and remarkable root development. After only four spray applications, the treated stock was not only thriving, but was two weeks ahead of the untreated stock. Top growth (both vertical and horizontal) rapidly took off, and the root density was far beyond what the propagator thought possible.

The final result? Kurt's client treated more than 14,500 cuttings with Essential and Companion. When he started, the client thought that only 30% of the cuttings would survive, given their stunted growth and yellowing leaves. But with Essential, the survival rate soared to more than 85%. With a few hundred dollars of product, he was able to turn a potential $50,000 loss into a gain of nearly twice that amount - an incredible return on investment.

Azalea Roots
Roots on azalea cutting after only 4 sprays of Essential show exceptional root length and root mass. The four sprays consisted of 24 oz. of Essential Plus per 100 gallons of water, applied at 10- to 14-day intervals using a high-pressure tank. The grower later added, as a disease preventative, 1 quart of Companion per 100 gallons of water to the tank mix. Not shown in the photo are the roots on a non-treated azaleas grown under identical conditions. On the untreated azaleas, the roots were barely visible.

And for Kurt? "My client benefited tremendously, which is the main thing. And as a distributor, I now have some powerful ammunition for when I talk to other clients. I've seen the results myself, and can't wait to tell other growers. The root mass on the cutting treated with Essential was outstanding, the vertical growth was great, and the speed of the results was amazing."

So Who Is the Fortunate Client?

Kurt's client is Justin Cole, Head Propagator at Chesapeake Nurseries in Salisbury, Maryland. Justin's reaction? "Essential saved me!' he says. "The growth I've seen with Essential is absolutely amazing. I've seen nothing but positive outcomes. And the impact on the company's bottom-line tops the charts."

Justin is also impressed with Companion Biological Fungicide, which he used for the first time several months ago. "As a long-time industry veteran, I've always believed in disease preventatives. When I found out that Companion had a zero re-entry level and could be tank-mixed with other ingredients, I decided to give it a try. I've not had a single fungal problem on my plants since then."

Kurt Kost

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