pH Reducer
A Citric Acid Solution – Approved by WSDA

pH - Watch it Like a Hawk

Soaring high among the clouds, a hawk carefully surveys the ground below, dutifully monitoring the landscape for even the slightest movement (and for its next meal).

Similarly, today's growers must watch the media in which their plants are grown with rapt attention. Growing media is constantly changing, and even a slight variation can affect its properties. Perhaps the most important of these factors is pH, since all plants have a “target pH” at which they grow best.

Fortunately, there are ways for growers to manipulate the pH levels of their growing media. And if your pH is on the high side, Growth Products pH Reducer (Citric Acid Solution) is the solution for you. This natural product is created from citric acid (the same stuff found in oranges) is a safe alternative to corrosive (phosphorus, sulfuric, hydrochloric) acids. PH Reducer can be used to lower the pH of soilless media and water, or as a mixing tank buffer. Additionally, it chelates micronutrients that may be otherwise unavailable, and contains a natural wetting agent to help it permeate quickly.