Building Better Turf from the Roots Up
Growth Products is used on race tracks worldwide to repair damaged turf
As a turf professional, you demand nothing less than perfection, whether you are a sports turf manager working on athletic fields or racing tracks, or a sod grower. Deep green color, strong root systems, and consistently attractive results are important to your reputation and your livelihood - even as you have to deal with unavoidable problems such as drought, soil compaction, and rugged play. What to do? Tackle your turf head-on with Growth Products!

Growth Products has been an industry leader for over 25 years, making technological break-throughs in nitrogen delivery, shelf-stabilization of beneficial soil microbes, and liquid organics including turf-critical humates and L-amino acids. Our products are used on athletic fields in over two dozen countries around the world, and our customer service and hands-on client care are unsurpassed. When you need us, we're there.

Our Smart Nitrogen™ liquid fertilizers, microbial inoculants and fungicides, and 100% organic Essential® are engineered to improve the health of your soil, facilitate superior root development, and build better-than-ever turf. Smarter still, Growth Products' solutions are priced right, are environmentally friendly, and are safe for you and your staff.